Precision Laser-Measuring & Drafting Services for
Residential & Commercial Real Estate in Southern California.

FLOOR PLAN MEASURING & DRAFTING SERVICES For Residential & Commercial Real Estate in Southern California

At CAS Real Estate Solutions, for the past 26 years we have provided floor plan measurement and drafting services as well as sitemaps and 3D renderings to our residential and commercial real estate clients.

home-floorplans2HOW ITS DONE
Many clients, after having gone though a remodel, consolidation or when taking over a property that did not have exact floorplans, reach out to us. Our team of price-competitive experts will visit the property, use accurate laser-measurements to determine wall dimensions and calculate floorplan square footages. Once the process is done, we produce precise digital floorplans in vector format that can be scaled to any size without losing quality. Good for websites, flyers and property signs and brochures.

6 AVAILABLE PLAN TYPES: For Existing Properties or Ones In Development
Take your presentation a step further and showcase your properties in staged, beautiful color, in a virtual walkthrough or as beautiful 3D renderings for your property website, brochure, or outdoor signage and banners.

Floorplan type A: Standard black & white, measuring and drafting in Los Angeles

Description: Accurate black and white layout with square footage. Available in Standard format and Architectural-As-Built format (which includes ceiling heights, window and door dimensions and a CAD file).
Purpose: Great for property flyers, email, websites and leasing offices.

2D Photorealistic Property Floorplans

Description: Includes customized details like kitchens, flooring, windows, and bathrooms using photos or material samples from your property. Rooms are labeled with dimensions provided in the floor plans.
Purpose: Great for reaching out to final buyers, for property flyers, brochure or the web. Easier for potential residents to envision a live-in or work-in space usage.

3D Furnished Floorplans

Description: A colorful three dimensional rendering of the property, staged with furniture, floors, tiles, art on the walls and greenery as needed.
Purpose: Property or leasing company website and property marketing. Great for potential customers to envision the finished property.

3D Virtual Walkthrough of your property

Description: Desktop and mobile-friendly virtual walkthroughs of your property. A colorful three dimensional rendering of the property, staged with furniture, floors, tiles, art on the walls and greenery as needed.
Purpose: Property or leasing company website. Property tours at the client’s leisure. Great for potential customers to be able to walk through the property, see every room from every angle, whether from inside or hovering above.

Property siteplans measuring and drafting

Description: Accurate residential, commercial or industrial site plan with sizes and space types. Can include exterior elevations as well.
Purpose: Great commercial real estate developers and leasing companies. Fit for property flyers, brochure or the web.

2D Property siteplans Measuring and Drafting

Description: Colorful 2D renderings of property sitemap
Purpose: For property website, flyers, outdoor signs and other marketing materials. Easier for potential residents to get excited and envision a live-in or work-in space usage.

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In today’s dynamic and highly competitive real estate market, effective property presentation is paramount. CAS Real Estate Solutions is at the forefront of this industry, providing unparalleled services in showcasing residential, commercial, and industrial properties across Los Angeles. With over 26 years of expertise, we excel in bringing the best out of your property.

Our suite of services, crafted to meet the unique needs of each property, includes precision floorplan drafting using our cutting-edge Laser-Measuring technology, professional property photography, brochures, flyers and building banners as well as virtual staging to captivate potential buyers or lessees. Our team’s commitment to excellence has earned us a distinguished 5-star rating on Yelp, a testament to our unwavering dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

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“CAS Real Estate Solutions has been an absolute pleasure to work with. They are 100% professional and have a rare combination of creativity and business savviness. Our development office is short-staffed and he managed most aspects of our marketing plan with little follow up on our part. The photography and virtual staging are world-class and helped us market our properties with ease and professional results.”

Serge Shirikjian, VP, Canfield Development

“A few words to describe CAS Real Estate Solutions: Professional, Reliable, Creative, Visionary. I came to them requesting a siteplans for our factory, a cirtual tour for our investors and building photography. I received a results beyond my expectation. Absolutely beautiful! We are now working on a second factory. Working with CAS has been a pleasure and I look forward to the next project.”

Michelle Mullen, Expro Manufacturing

“CAS Real Estate Solutions was responsive, reliable, insightful, and helpful in redesigning our website and providing top-notch model and building photography. We communicated what we wanted out of our website, and the audience we were targeting, and they built our concept into an attractive and effective website and the photographic contents. CAS was very cooperative in accommodating our requests and very patient when we requested modifications. We are very pleased with the results and are looking forward to another opportunity to use their services again.”

Joey Aragon, Aragon Construction, Inc.

“CAS Real Estate Solutions has a team of very skilled designers who are easy to work with. The creativity and technical expertise was superior in all aspects of the job. They listen and help define your needs for the desired effect that reflects your business. CAS is a good resource to work with and offer many clever solutions. Tell them what you need and they will get it done. They shows a lot of commitment to your project. Thank you for a sensational job. I highly recommend CAS Real Estate Solutions for anyone seeking a to market a residential or commercial property.”

Irina Barbarov, Studio 837