• CAS Real Estate Terminology
  • CAS Real Estate Terminology


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Real Estate Terms & Terminology

ANSI (American National Standards Institute): ANSI is an organization that sets standards for various industries, including real estate. In real estate, ANSI standards are used for measuring and defining square footage and space in commercial properties. Compliance with ANSI standards ensures consistency in measurements, helping both landlords and tenants accurately determine the size and cost of commercial spaces.

Architectural Plans: Architectural plans are comprehensive drawings and documents that outline the design, construction, and structural details of a building or property. These plans are often used by architects, builders, and contractors to guide construction and renovations. Our Architectural As-Built floor plans are similar to a blueprint, they include ceiling heights as well as window and door dimensions, and a CAD File. Most clients will order these when they are about to do a renovation on the unit. They are in black and white and will include dimensions of all rooms and small spaces.

Area Analysis: Area analysis refers to the process of examining and evaluating the use of space within a property. This evaluation helps property owners, architects, and designers make informed decisions about how to best utilize the available space for various purposes, such as residential, commercial, or industrial use.

AutoCAD: AutoCAD is a widely used computer-aided design (CAD) software program. It is commonly employed in the real estate industry for creating detailed and accurate floorplans, architectural drawings, and site plans. AutoCAD enables professionals to design, draft, and document property layouts and structures with precision.

Blue Print: A blue print, often referred to as a blueprint, is a detailed technical drawing that displays the architectural and structural plans for a property. It typically includes information on room layouts, dimensions, and construction specifications. Blueprints are essential in the planning and construction of properties, providing a visual guide for builders and contractors to follow.

BOMA Calculations: BOMA calculations use a standardized method to measure and define the rentable square footage in commercial properties. These calculations help landlords and tenants determine space needs and rental costs more accurately.

Building Common Area: The building common area refers to spaces within a property that are shared by multiple tenants or residents. This may include areas like lobbies, corridors, elevators, and parking lots. The measurement and management of common areas are essential in determining maintenance costs and allocating fees in both commercial and residential properties.

Commercial Floorplans: Commercial floorplans are detailed drawings that illustrate the layout and dimensions of commercial properties, such as offices, retail spaces, and industrial buildings. These floorplans help businesses and professionals plan and optimize the use of their commercial spaces, ensuring that they meet specific needs and requirements.

DWG Plan: A DWG plan is a file format commonly used in computer-aided design (CAD) software, including AutoCAD. DWG files contain detailed drawings of property layouts, architectural features, and other design elements. These plans are highly compatible with CAD software, making them ideal for architects, designers, and engineers to work with and modify during the planning and construction phases.

Floorplans Drafting: Floorplan drafting is the process of creating detailed, to-scale drawings that depict the layout and dimensions of a property’s interior spaces. These drawings are crucial for architects, designers, and construction professionals to plan and execute projects accurately.

Home Staging: Home staging is the process of preparing a residential property for sale by arranging furniture, decor, and other elements to make it more appealing to potential buyers. The goal is to help buyers envision themselves living in the space, ultimately increasing the property’s perceived value.

Industrial Floorplans: Industrial floorplans are detailed drawings that display the layout and dimensions of spaces within industrial properties, such as factories and warehouses. These plans assist in optimizing workflow and logistics within these spaces.

Laser Scanning (3D): On-site survey using advanced Leica laser scanners with LiDAR & Slam technology to create a 3D digital twin of the property. Measuring 420,000 points per second and millions of data points of measurements for each scan ensures an accurate, high resolution data cloud which in turn allows the drafting team to produce accurate floorplans for homes, offices and industrial properties. Learn more about our laser measuring technology here

Marketing Floorplans: Marketing floorplans are specialized floorplan drawings designed to highlight the most attractive and functional features of a property for marketing and promotional purposes. These floorplans are created with the intention of showcasing a property’s key selling points. Our Marketing Floor Plans show a layout of the unit and are normally used for online marketing or brochures. They do include dimensions of main rooms and the square footage calculation, however some closets or foyers will be left out in order to keep the marketing plan clean and pleasing to the eye.

Property Measuring: Property measuring involves accurately determining the dimensions, boundaries, and square footage of a property. This process is essential for various real estate purposes, including property valuation, zoning compliance, and the creation of precise floorplans.

Property Elevations: Property elevations are drawings that display the vertical appearance of a building, showcasing its height, exterior features, and architectural design. These drawings are critical for construction and renovation projects to ensure that the building’s exterior matches the intended design and aesthetics.

Reflected Ceiling Plan: A reflected ceiling plan is a drawing that illustrates the layout and design of a property’s ceiling. It shows the location of lighting fixtures, air vents, and other elements on the ceiling. These plans are vital for interior designers and contractors to plan the placement of ceiling features and ensure proper functionality and aesthetics.

Residential Floorplans: Residential floorplans are detailed drawings that illustrate the layout and dimensions of rooms in houses and apartments. They help homeowners, buyers, and designers visualize the space and plan renovations or interior design based on the property’s layout.

Siteplans: Siteplans are drawings that provide an overview of a property, including buildings, roads, landscaping, and other site features. They are essential for zoning approvals, city planning, and property development projects to understand how a property or project fits within its surroundings. Our siteplans are a detailed, scaled drawing that illustrates the layout and arrangement of structures, landscaping, and infrastructure on a specific property.

Total Rentable Area: The total rentable area is the entire space within a building that can be leased to tenants. It includes both their actual leased area and a portion of the common areas shared by all tenants. Accurately measuring and defining the total rentable area is essential for lease negotiations and determining rent costs for commercial spaces.

Virtual Staging: Virtual staging involves digitally enhancing property photos by adding furniture, decor, and other elements. This technique is often used for online listings to make vacant properties more attractive to potential buyers, even before they visit in person. Did you know that staged homes sell 75% faster than non staged homes? That is because your potential resident can see and imagine a finished property, suited to their needs and wishes. See examples of successful virtual staging here.

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